Did you know that 80% of Internet browsers never go beyond the first page of search engine results? SEO J.C.S.L Ltd can help you overcome any internet barrier with professionalism and consistency.

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SEO requires in-depth knowledge of the best practices that Google recommends from time to time for setting up and promoting a website. At J.C.S.L Ltd we make sure that we stay up to date with the new algorithms and recommendations of Google. 


Before starting a project, a careful preliminary study of the company's potential clientele and the relevant searches made for the services/products offered is carried out. We thus find the keywords for which we want our clients' website to appear in the first search engine results while researching the competition.

We implement On Page search engine optimization based on Google best practices. Black Hat SEO practices are avoided.

Once the page has been properly optimized at the On Page level, the next step is to promote the page with Off Page optimization.

The goal in the search engine optimization we offer is not only to increase the number of visitors to your website, but through careful planning to properly target visitors who are searching and are really interested in your products.
Through proper search engine optimization our goal is to lead potential customers FIRST to your corporate website.

SEO services

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) is the proper techniques to be used both during website development ( On page optimization) and afterwards, through links from other websites ( off page optimization). SEO will help your website to be featured in the first search engine results when browsers search in various search engines ( e.g. Google, Bing ) for words or phrases related to the products or services you offer.

SEO- Organic results

Organic Results are those determined by search engine optimization (SEO). The top positions in the organic results are given to websites that get the best SEO score from Google. Google uses complex algorithms that it updates at frequent intervals to judge from all the websites on the internet which ones have the best information about the search word/phrase being searched for.

As you may have realized search engine optimization for your company's website should be at the top of your company's internet marketing plan. Creating websites without proper SEO cannot help you in your company's internet marketing.

Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

SERP stands for (Search Engine Results Page) and indicates the ranking of a website (position) in the results of a search engine for a certain keyword/keyword phrase. SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page and indicates the ranking of a website (position) in the results of a search engine for a certain keyword/phrase. This terminology refers to the list of web pages returned by a search engine in response to a keyword query.
In order to increase the SERP of your website search engine optimization of a website includes a detailed study that includes on page optimization and off page optimization of your website.


On Page Seo involves optimizing various pages of your website in order for them to rank higher in search engine results for searches related to the services/products you offer. These techniques are based on best practices published from time to time by Google.

On Page Search Engine Optimization

Google and other well-known search engines have invested a lot of money in creating search engine robots. These are automated programs that relentlessly scan the internet for billions of web pages creating huge dynamic lists of web pages. These directories through complex algorithms are used to generate/rank results when searching for a word or phrase in a search engine. These Robots are trained to create directories based on many different criteria related to how the website was constructed. On Page website promotion includes proper website design which includes proper tactics, as defined by Google from time to time. It should include proper title meta tags , headings , urls , text density on keywords , title tags ( Title tags ) , meta descriptions , Sitemaps and much much more.
A website browser may not be able to see all of this unless he or she is an experienced developer , but be sure to think about all of this carefully as you search the company for web construction with which you will work with for the creation and promotion of your company's website.


Off Page SEO includes various techniques (such as creating external links , social bookmarking, Social Networking etc. ) to help improve the ranking of your website pages in search engine results.

Off Page Search Engine Optimization

The web promotion ( On page ) focuses on the optimization design techniques within the website during its creation. But the optimization of the website that is done outside the website ( Off page) includes work and techniques done on the internet ( other websites) that give value and importance to the website ( web promotion) in terms of its ranking in search engine results.Links ( Backlinks) are very important here if done properly . It is advisable that these links come from different sources e.g. from business directories, other websites with similar content, blocks , Forums etc.

Many companies want to promote their products and services globally. In this case optimization (off page) is essential in web development services in Greece. Note that the global competition for a specific keyword or key phrase ( e.g. search on ) is much more demanding and difficult than for Greece ( searches on ) or Cyprus ( ).


It's always easier and more efficient to do search engine optimization in local SEO. If you're targeting customers locally, this is the best way to go. Optimizing for your city name or your country about the services you offer is always easier.

Cyprus SEO | SEO Greece

Cyprus SEO (i.e. for searches made on is often different from SEO Greece (i.e. for searches made on or SEO worldwide (i.e. for searches made on
For our clients who operate exclusively in Cyprus, we optimize search engines for ( SEO Cyprus ) and for our clients who operate exclusively in Greece for ( SEO Greece).
Our goal is that those who search for services related to those offered by our clients find our clients' website in the first search engine results depending on where our clients are represented and what their geographical target is.