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Want to increase your sales and take your company to the next level without investing a lot of money?

Eshop construction based on the best eshop creation practices of J.C.S.L. Ltd.

Eshop design with Visual Hierarchy

Fitch's law states that people are attracted to the object that is larger and closer to them. So visual hierarchy becomes important in the design of an Eshop. Some studies have shown a great increase in E-shop sales by some change in the design of the "Add to Cart" button or by changing its color and size or its position in relation to the rest of the page. If phone calls are the main reason your business generates customers then your business phone number should have a prominent place on your website. At JCSL Ltd Eshop design and construction is always done with focus on those elements that are most important and which will lead visitors to the decision to buy your products.

Eshop construction with emphasis on the presentation of your products

We advise our clients to pay special attention to the presentation of their products. Offers, new arrivals, their most popular products must be presented in a proper way in order to gain the attention of visitors making them want to know more.

Creating an Eshop with emphasis on Product Descriptions

In many products where product specifications matter, studies show that 20% of visitors' time in an Eshop is spent looking at pictures, while 80% is spent reading text (e.g. when buying a computer or TV). On the other hand, buying a dress or a shirt is strongly visual and customers are more interested in having a zoom on the product ( better visual image ) . Even in this case even the shirts or dresses cannot be touched when they are seen in an Eshop and so you need to give that feeling to your customer by a text description and quality images.

You need to gain the trust of your visitors to your E Shop

Expect visitors to convert into sales. But for someone to reach for their wallet and buy from you, they have to trust you. This is something that big and well-known companies usually don't face. Their name is enough to maintain brand recognition and credibility. So, to compete in a fast growing and aggressive e-commerce you need to focus on security when setting up an e shop. Therefore, one must ensure that customer information is secure, the method of purchase remains simple, easy and clear to the buyer. Moreover credibility can be gained from your customers with the return policy and guarantee ensured as well as good pre-sales support. Trust marks such as SSL security , TRUSTe, Geo Trust, McAfee are also an effective way to gain the trust of your website visitors. Just make sure that what you are advertising is true, otherwise you will lose their trust completely. Acceptance from social media is also nowadays a serious sign of credibility for a company - A website with a large number of good reviews looks reputable, although sometimes this can be misleading. Customer testimonials can also play an important role especially if they come from trustworthy individuals.

Use special offers

Nothing grabs attention better than offers and that's what almost all visitors pay attention to when they visit an online store! Well-presented offers create excitement in visitors that make them want to buy. Free shipping, gift coupons, contests, upcoming offers are just some of the things you can include in your online store to make people love it. Make sure these banners are strategically placed on your homepage to grab the attention of visitors.

Why others should buy from your Eshop

It is important to give in one way or another to the browsers the message that buying from your eshop is in their best interest. There are many other shops out there that do the same job as you and can even reduce their prices for the same products or services. What makes your eshop different so that others will want to prefer you over your competitors ? It must be clear what you promise to deliver and how that makes you stand out from other competitors. Consider as an example our business JCSL Ltd which provides web design and internet marketing services. We promise to deliver to our clients: "Unique solution based on their business needs", "We use the latest technology in eshop design and construction", "Customer satisfaction is our highest priority" e.t.c

Expand your business

By creating an online store you gain huge opportunities to expand your customer base in both local and international markets. It is also an efficient and cost-effective way to automate your services and sales in a cost-effective manner. A small company that takes proper advantage of e-commerce through eshop construction can effectively compete with even large companies in its field . J.C.S.L Ltd promises eshop construction with fantastic design, transaction security and functionality. Contact us for custom eshop construction, taking into account your financial budget and your company's needs. Eshop construction can help your company's sales ( e-commerce ) both locally (e.g. Greece, Cyprus) and in the global market (Europe, Asia and the rest of the world).

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Promotion & Sales in the global market:

The internet by its very nature is global. By building an eshop you can advertise and sell your business services and products to potential customers thousands of miles away. Website promotion can be targeted to markets around the world in different languages.

An eshop is not bound by time constraints of public holidays or weekends but offers services on a 24-hour basis. By building an eshop for your business you pave the way for your customers to be able to visit and learn about your products and services at any time (24/7) in their own time and from the comfort of their living room.

Buying and selling products through e-shop construction has never before been easier and more accessible in the global market. E-shop construction can help your company to attract markets from all over the world giving your business huge potential and advantages over your competitors.



Relationship between quality and price:

The initial cost of building an e-shop is negligible compared to the cost of renting a building that a real store requires. Maintenance costs after e-shop construction are very low (includes the cost of website hosting and domain registration) and can be easily modified and adapted to meet the strategic goals of your business as it grows and expands.

Easy and correct product categorization and effective promotion. Products can be correctly categorised in an e-shop, while images and videos offer visitors live images of products which are further enhanced by customer ratings, reviews and online manuals.



Lower Promotion Costs:

The e-shop advertising can be done with proper website promotion which is done during the construction of an online store (On page optimisation) or with other techniques for promoting a website on the internet (Off page optimisation). marketing services. However, the process of promoting websites is quite complicated and involves a study that is done during the construction of an online store and in the process of maintenance and promotion. This study includes : study for page title, h1-h5 headings tags, urls, keyword research, meta tags, meta descriptions, website structure, Do Follow links, image code optimization, content suggestions, search engine marketing , link exchange programs , submissions to online directories, web analytics etc. Ultimate goal is not only to increase your website traffic, but with proper website promotion to target visitors who are searching and genuinely interested in your products. Proper SEO should bring potential customer browsers to your site before any other competitor's site!

It is estimated that 95% of purchases will be made online by 2040.