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Our company, J.C.S.L Ltd specializes in web development, web promotion and in online marketing, mainly in Cyprus and Greece. JCSL Ltd is also a  outsourcing company based in Cyprus who has significant professional experience in the online marketing and can offer the best and most innovative solutions at affordable prices. At JCSL Ltd, we offer an unbeatable price / quality ratio for website building. Trust us with your company's internet marketing and you'll get 5-star service at great prices. 

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For us here at J.C.S.L Ltd, having customers delighted with the services we offer is our primary goal.We are thrilled with your enthusiasm and appreciation for the web development we have provided you ... Thank you!

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Unlimited design skills.

In a globalized world, where the Internet and the benefits it offers are gaining more and more ground, it is essential for any business that wants to promote its products and services to have a strong online presence. A properly created website that contains the right information, appropriate design and promotion will help in the development of your business.

Creation - Construction of a unique website

Websites are nowadays the online showcase of a business or an organisation. With our many years of experience in web design and construction, the appropriate programming knowledge combined with creativity and in close cooperation with you we produce the result that will suit your needs: A UNIQUE WEBSITE !

Modern web design and construction

Do you want the ultimate design experience for your website? Do you want minimal scrolling, resizing and rotation when your site is viewed from different devices (e.g. tablets, mobile phones, desktops or laptops)? Then you should be looking for website building that is Responsive. By creating a website that is responsive to lower resolution screens (i.e. resizing the window) everything changes dynamically to fit the screen and offer the website visitor the optimal viewing experience.



Digital Marketing for your company!

What is it that makes your business stand out and how will you showcase it?

For expanding your business activities trust us with the online marketing and take advantage of what it has to offer. Go beyond the borders of your country by attracting customers from abroad, targeting an international market. This type of marketing helps you get more customers at the least possible cost. Marketing | Marketing company | Internet advertising

Cook with us !

Marketing is a lot like cooking. Determine who your potential customers are (Choose the ingredients of the recipe). Find ways to get their attention (Correct mixing of ingredients: right amount, right conditions, right timing). Give interested customers a taste of what they are looking for (Make sure your meal is good). Create a communication trigger with your prospective customers and follow it to close a deal (Present and serve your meal).



Do you need digital outsourcing?


One of the methods of a successful business is to delegate tasks to other experienced professionals.

This way you save valuable time and focus on improving your products and services. Trust us to design and build websites and promote your business saving resources from traditional ways of advertising. We have the necessary knowledge and professional website design/build and are here to solve any problems and provide solutions. Marketing Outsourcing Services



Targeted audience seeking your services!


With the evolution of technology and the shift of many customers to Internet shopping, it makes sense for you to invest in AdWords ads (ads at the top of search engine results) by attracting new visitors to your website.


 The advantages of investing in Google Ads are many, but the most important thing is that you can target an audience that is already searching for the services you offer. J.C.S.L. Ltd, a certified  Google Adwords company, is here to provide quality services and help you promote your business around the world.



Perhaps the best way to dominate the internet.


With the ever-increasing competition in the online markets, we help you stay at the top of the search engine rankings.

We aim to provide a set of quality, online services both in website construction (on-page optimisation) and after construction (off-page optimisation) to gain a more competitive position in the online world.



Unique design 


The electronic age we live in has created more than ever the need for modern companies to be able to communicate with the public quickly and efficiently. Graphic Design now faces a lot of competition as companies can now easily and economically create a plethora of graphic design to help them showcase their products and services. The graphic designer services offered by JCSL Ltd can help your business to :

1. effectively communicate the message you want to convey to your business's target audience.

2. boost your company's sales by highlighting your products and services

3. improve the readability of the information you want to convey to others

Learn more about the Graphic designer services | graphic design of JCSL Ltd

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J.C.S.L. Ltd is here to provide you with quality services and help promote your business online. Contact us anytime to make an appointment and discuss your specific business needs.

Trust, honesty and integrity!

Nothing can really add value to your partnership with us without trust, honesty and integrity. We value honesty with ourselves ,others, but most of all with God. We believe this is the secret that empowers us and allows us to provide professional services that add value to your company. For us this means choosing not to lie, not to steal and not to deceive our fellow human beings.

Creating last generation websites

Construction of websites based on the latest internet technology. We stay up to date with the latest technological developments of the internet which we incorporate in the design and construction of websites. Modern internet services that bridge the gaps by offering easy communication, information and transactions with customers can be used to elevate the prospects and potential of your business.

Customer-oriented policy

We maintain a customer-centric policy. For us it is a priority that the customer is completely satisfied with the offered internet services. That is why we inform our clients in all phases of a project, giving them the opportunity with suggestions and ideas to convey the unique character of their business in the design and construction of their websites.

We focus on your specific needs

We assess your business goals and needs by aligning them with the latest web technology. JCSL Ltd internet services are offered based on the uniqueness of your business profile and needs. Web site construction and promotion to the standards of your business.