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Advertising on Google is now a prerequisite for any business that wants to succeed online. Online marketing through Google ads is probably the easiest and most dynamic way to advertise your company online. If your website's position in search engine results is low then you cannot expect your potential customers to find you before your competitors. Google Ads campaigns can be tailored to your company's budget and requirements.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) involves promoting websites by increasing their visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs) through advertisements. Proper search engine promotion of websites requires specialized knowledge so Goolge recommends companies with certified staff based on the Google Adwords exam.


Why advertise on Google?

Did you know that there are an average of 3.5 billion Google searches every day, amounting to 1.2 trillion per year? It is estimated that you can reach 80% of the Internet using Google ads.


The top 3-4 positions in Google search engine results receive 40% of searches. It's no coincidence that these positions are reserved for Google ads. With Google Ads you can now reach the top of the search results from the first day your site is up and running


Google display campaigns can be effectively used for Google Remarketing ads with ROI up to 600% or more. This way people who visited your website can see your ads on other Google related websites.

Why Google Ads advertising by professionals?

The main challenge when creating Google Ads is not just creating ads that display on different targeted keywords. The most important thing is to achieve a high quality score ( Quality Score ) for your Google ads. This will determine the position your website will get in the search results and will also help you to minimize the cost of your advertising to get the desired result.

At JCSL LTD our primary goal is to understand the industry of your business. Then by working with you we will find the search terms (keywords) used by internet browsers for your products or services. Finally we create efficient and professional ads ( Google Ads Advertising ) to effectively target these keywords at the lowest possible cost.

Google Ads advertising by professionals

Google Ads | Advantages

  • You can select the keywords for which you want Google Ads to display ads.
  • Google Ads allows low-cost internet marketing services based on your budget.
  • Internet marketing at affordable Google advertising costs: Guaranteed value for money!
  • Select the target audience for your business's Google advertising in terms of location (e.g. Cyprus, Nicosia, Limassol or smaller areas).
  • With Google Ads you can increase traffic to your website directly.
  • Measurable results you can track with statistical reports that help us tailor and improve Google advertising for your company.
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