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What to look for! | In web designers

In order to help businesses  to further improve  their internet presence we have prepared this free guide ( checklist) about Web design services. So read on to be rightly informed on what you should expect from your investment in web design services. 

Web design Services | Introduction



About Cyprus Web Design Services

Do you really know how internet services can benefit your business?
Is looking for Web design services the same as looking for internet services that will help you align the business goals of your company with modern technology and the business opportunities offered nowadays over the internet?

As you will shortly discover web designers should not limit their services to designing an impressive website. Many other factors must be considered to make sure you get the most out of your investment on internet services.

In JCSL Ltd we offer professional web design and internet marketing services. Call us at 22-232482 and make an appointment with us to discuss your company's requirements.


Design | Importance in Web development

Website Design Cyprus

Saying that  "Design is important but not enought" , should not be misunderstood. We would like to emphasise that we do not underestimate web design or graphic design when building a website. No.... not at all. See our design portfolio examples. 

Design is like the clothes we put on for an interview - its important but it should never be enough. If someone wants to gain from internet nowadays for his business he has to look further than the web design of his website.
Desigh is what other people see when they visit your website and web designers  must give impressive and yet simple and user friendly design to the visitors of a website.

One of the latest trends on design these days is parallax scrolling. Using this technique we make background images move slower than foreground images giving depth illusion and 3D effects. While we use such techniques in our designs to make our websites more impressive we always try to find the balance between simplicity ( getting the message out easily and clearly) and giving the visitors impressive effects that will make them admire the design of your website. 

However, an impressive design of a website by itslelf can prove to be useless if many other aspects are not considered. Read on to learn more...


 Important aspects to consider in your evaluation of web designers


SEO Traffic

The following are our top ten aspects that people should be aware of when looking to invest into web designers.

Web designers must offer ways and suggestions to attract traffic for your site!

A site without traffic is practically non exient . Web designers should not consider only the design of your website but most importantly offer ways and suggestions on how to attract traffic for your website.

New traffic to your website may well mean new customers and new business oportunities if handled properly. Traffic from existing customers should be translated to quality service ( properly assisted by the latest technologies available ), customer satisfaction and crosselling opportunities.


Your FREE Web design Services Checklist


website design checklist 1200px


So let's dive into our checklist concerning web design services! 

bullet add 40x40Web design on page optimisation


On-page optimisation cyprus

A Web design without on page optimisation means poor design. On page optimisation is the design that nobody sees but the search engine robots are looking for. Let me explain:

Google and othe famous search engines have invested much into internet robots. These are automated programs that search the internet continually scanning billions of wep pages to create huge index directories. These directories are used to produce results ( Search engine results pages ) when we search a word or phrase with a seach engine such as google.

Robots are trained to search many on page optimisation criteria such as page title, headings, urls, keyword research optimization and density, title tags, meta keywords, meta descriptions, website structure, sitemaps and much much more.

Someone visiting our website may not be able to see all these unless he is an experienced programmer but sure enough all these have to be considered very carefuly during the web design of your website.

It becomes apparent that one has to be very careful when considering the web development company to help  build the website for his/her company.

Web design | On page optimisation is a must

If on page optimisation is done properly you have a high probability to get a good SERP ( search engine result page) when someone serches specific keywords relevant to your company's niche. See examples of  Search Engine Optimisation that we carried out for our customers. On the contrary if onpage optimisation is absent from a page then this means that Google robots have little information about the subject of the page and this is likely not to appear in search results or even be indexed in Google catalogue. 


Both onpage SEO optimisation and off-page SEO optimisation should be nowadays a priority for a company's digital marketing | internet marketing strategy. 

bullet add 40x40Web design off page optimisatsion


OFF-page otpimisation cyprus

While on page optimisation focuses on design optimisation techniques relevant to imporving the web page itslelf as to the way search engines see it, Off page optimisation includes many techniques that are done on the internet ( other websites) that give value and importance to your webpage concerning search engine results page rank.

Backlinks are very important here but have to be done properly ( using proper anchor links) and have to come from business directories and catalogues, other sites of similar content, blogs, forums e.t.c.

Building quality links to your website is not that simple : Two important factors should always be taken into consideration, namely Citation Flow ( how influential is the domain from which a backlink is generated) and Trust Flow ( how trustworthy is the domain from which a backlink is generated). 


Many companies want to be visible worldwide for their business products and services.In that case off page optimisation must be definitely included in the Web design services offered. Note that the world competition for a specific keyword (i.e searching in ) is much more demanding and difficult than that for a small island like cyprus ( searches in


bullet add 40x40Responsive web Design

responsive web design cyprus

Do you want the ultimate viewing experience for your website? Do you want minimum scrolling, resizing and panning when your website is viewed from different devices ( i.e tablets, mobile phones, desktop or laptops)? Then you should be looking for a web design that is Responsive. 

Some technicalities of the Responsive web design

The basic components of a responsive design architecture are : flexible images, Fluid grid and CSS media queries .  However, you need not enter into the technicalities of responsive web design yourself. Just make it one of the your priority requirements when planning your website. If you have an existing website that does not support Responsive design then it would be worth re-designing it to include this important feature. Responsive design nowadays has become so important that Google Search Engine Optimisation algorithms take it very seriously especially when displaying search results on mobile devices. 

In this video you may see a Responsive design in action for one of our web design projects. Watch how the website responds to lower resolution screens ( i.e window resizing). Everything is dynamically resized to fit the screen so that optimum viewing experience is offered to the website visitor.

bullet add 40x40Web design without the right infrastructure is useless.


CMS web design platform

It is very important to give emphasis on the platform your Web design company uses to build your website. An open source platform will provide you for the podential to expand and grow without having to redesign your website. 

Your platform should be able to provide limitless functionalities ( ecomerce, business directories, business managemenet programs for different market sectors e.t.c ) that will ensure your website grows and expands seemlesly as your business grows and expands.


bullet add 40x40Web design and Internet Marketing tools

( PPC , Google Adwords, Facebook ads)

ppc advertising

PPC ( pay per click ) advertising is the major income of multimillion search engine and social media companies all over the world.

Did you know that the major source of income for Google is PPC marketing? These are advertising slots included in the search engine results ( first highlighted results and the results showing on the right column of the search engine results page). More details in SEO Cyprus | Greece SEO examples. 

With ppc advertising you can specify for which target keywords you want your ads to display, to what group of people in terms of location (i.e. Cyprus or Greece) and other variables to create electronic campaigns based on your business requirements. This service allows for low cost internet marketing services based on your budget and give immediate results that can be proven by statistical reports provided.

bullet add 40x40Incorporating Social Media in your Web Design


Social media cyprus

Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks (Source
Twitter, Facebook, YouTube are not but a few of the most famous social media networks on the internet nowadays. These media can be used effectively as part of internet marketing to attract visitors to your site, a process known as Social Media Optimization ( SMO ). See more about the  social media services we offer.

Sharing buttons, Like us on facebook links, RSS feeds can provide an effortless way to advertise your services and products to a large number of people in a viral (chain effect) internet marketing technique.

With Viral Marketing you also allow your existing customers to tell other prospective customers about your business and thus spreading the news of your good services/products in an efficient way.

bullet add 40x40Maintenance using a Content Management System ( CMS )


joomla web design

Incorporating a content management system can simplify the content updating of your website. This offers a user friendly (word -processor type) environment to effortlessly update and publish articles and dynamic content such us images, videos, graphs e.t.c.

wordpress web design

A Content Management System provides minimum expenditure on technical resources required for maintenance of your website and gives you full control over the content of your website. See more about the CMS services we offered.


bullet add 40x40Email marketing using Email Compaigns


Email campaigns cyprus

Email Campaigns provideis an easy and efficient internet marketing solution to market your business and keep your customers up to date with promotional offers, new products and services. Read more about the  Email marketing services we offer.


bullet add 40x40Web Design  & Electronic Commerce

e-shop web design cyprus

Adding online e-comerce into your web design services can boost your company sales and take your mid-sized company to the next level without investing big money? Read more on why create an eshop.

An Online e shop can help your company sell products/services online (e commerce) both on local (i.e Greece or Cyprus) and global markets (Europe, Asia and rest of the world). A small company with a good e-commerce website can compete efficiently online with the big brands. Read more about the E-shop design services we offer.


bullet add 40x40Efficient  Hosting Solutions for your website design

web hosting cyprus

Web hosting for your website may seem irrelevant for the Web design services offered but can be proved to be very important both in terms of performance and maintenance cost.

The Web hosting company that Web designers cooperate with must be able to provide reliability and speed to your website. Super Casher techonologies, speed optimisation tools, number of online backups provided, Up time statistics are all crucial to your Website.

Many Web designers start with a low initial cost for the web design offered but charge  very expensive annual hosting packages. Hosting for 1GB of space with features already mentioned should have a reasonable annual pricing ( i.e between 80-150 euro / year).


bullet add 40x40Webiste Design Security

website design security new

Last but not least one should consider in his company's website design the important aspect of website security. This becomes even more important for eshop design when critical customer info have to be safegaurded from intruders and hackers. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a website security protocol that allows for security and encryption for the date exchanged between the browser and a server and is very widely used for eshop security. This is highly recommended for website designs where users login and leave sensitive information on the website ( i.e credit card details, addresses passwords e.t.c).

Furthermore additional security programs can give integrated security mechanisms to safeguard your site and allow for:

  • Identification of security exceptions / attacks. IP address of repeat offenders should be automatically banned.
  • Controlling successful back-end login so you know when someone is logged in your admin Area. This should Serve as a record of all administrator logins in order to have complete view of who is making changes to your website
  • Create security exception on  failed administrator login so you know who is trying to attack you
  • Detect common SQL injection attacks against your site and block them.



Written by

Prodromos Kikas

BEng, MSc -DIC

J.C.S.L Ltd Manager

We hope that you enjoyed our Web Designer services checklist. Further expanding into the aspects already mentioned can prove to be very benficial for your business.

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