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At JCSL Ltd, we focus on complete solutions, from planning to maintenance. Although hosting often tends to get neglected, we believe that reliable web hosting is one of the most important parts of having a website, which is why we have included it in our package. If you work with us for design and development, we can also offer you affordable website hosting services in Cyprus, so that you can have your website up and running as quickly as possible. Our web hosting services are fast, secure, and user-friendly. We know that a stable and functional website is crucial for the success of your online business, which is why we put at your disposal cutting-edge solutions, adapted to your unique needs.
Do you think the choice of web hosting is a trivial task? Think twice!
Trust the Web Hosting & Web Design Professionals JCSL Ltd® to help you !
  • On the internet a website has to be identified uniquely using a domain name (like a street address and Number for a house). Though domain registration is considered a simple task, careful choice of the name based on Keywords is very important in terms of search engine optimization. The actual disc space required to setup your website must be hired by a web hosting company by allocating you an account on one of its computers. The domain name must then be associated with your hosting account and the name servers (two in general) must be updated to tell the internet which company is hosting your website. Note that the name servers by default point for your domain name at the domain registrar servers (the domain parking page).
  • Do you already have a website, but it needs some upgrading? No problem! Our experts will not only take care of the whole redesign and add new features but also transfer your website so that it meets your new hosting requirements.

    If you’re looking for more reliability, lower costs, and superior technical support, you’ll love our web hosting services. What’s more, our platform is powered by Google Cloud, a technically superior hosting service that will help you stay competitive.

    Here are some other reasons why we love Google Cloud and why it can support your business:

    ⭐️ Google Cloud hosting plans have competitive pricing, which is great if you’re looking to scale your business or just want to optimize resource use.

    Powerful infrastructure

    ⭐️ Live migration feature

    ⭐️ Access to a Private Network

    ⭐️ Superior security services

    ⭐️ Regular backups

  • High-speed is essential if you want to stay competitive and make sure your website offers maximum performance under all conditions. This is why we use Google’s SSD persistent storage, which offers high speeds and an ultra-fast network.

    When you have a website, milliseconds matter. Around half of Internet users expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less, and if it takes longer than that, even by one second, most of them will decide to leave your website and look someplace else. For every one second delay in loading time, your website risks losing 7% in conversions, so it’s essential to choose a fast, well-connected network for web hosting services.

    We understand these requirements, and we’re ready to offer you optimal speeds, so that your website is always there for your clients and you can maximize conversion rates.

    But speed is not everything. In this day and age, sustainability is just as important, and a fast website shouldn’t come at a price for the environment. If you care about the environmental impact of your hosting decisions, you’ll be pleased to find out that Google not only has one of the best-connected networks, but also 100% renewable energy match. For several years in a row now, Google has been matching all the energy consumed by their annual global electricity consumption with renewable energy.

  • Guaranteed resources Because our underlying server infrastructure uses only SSD disks, you can rest assured that you’ll get maximum efficiency and site speed. What’s more, when you use our web hosting services, you get a competitive web hosting stack that includes the following:

    ⭐️ CentOS

    ⭐️ Apache/Nginx

    ⭐️ Managed PHP versions

    ⭐️ MySQL

    ⭐️ Postgre support

    We can customize this stack depending on your requirements, so that you can enjoy the features you need most, at the best possible price. Our DevOps also take care of regular updates and maintenance.

  • Cyberattacks are a constant threat for modern websites, and your hosting account needs to keep up. At JCSL Ltd, we use leading-edge automated systems to monitor the health of your hosting account constantly, and we keep it protected from hacker attacks, spam, malicious bot resource usage, and other security threats.

    And, because malicious attacks constantly evolve and become more sophisticated, we invest in updates and patches whenever necessary. Our experts are all trained to spot cybersecurity threats, so your website is in good hands with us.

    We know that modern Internet users are increasingly aware of cybersecurity and only entrust their data to reliable websites that use the latest protection tools. At the same time, a data breach or malware attack can have heavy financial repercussions for organizations, which is why we take security very seriously. We designed our hosting options to meet the highest security standards, so you never have to take risks.

    Finally special care must be given to the ability of the hosting company to provide good and fast customer support without which setting up your web hosting environment can become a very cumbersome and disappointing experience.

  • Caching options for speed optimization

    When you choose web hosting from JCSL Ltd, you get NGINX Direct Delivery by default. This means that items such as website images will load faster from server memory, optimizing your website. For even better performance, we have a SuperCacher service. We can use plugins to connect your site with an NGINX-based dynamic cache and Memcached service.

    Thanks to these caching options, your website will have a higher speed, which in turn can provide many benefits:

    • Enhancing the overall user experience

    • Reducing the bounce rate

    • Higher conversion rates

    • Better SEO performance

  • Factors such as data loss, hacker attacks, or even human error can put the integrity of company or client data in danger. With our hosting services, you can regain access to this data because we make automatic backups of your site every day, and we keep seven copies of your hosting account. We also make weekly and monthly copies, so you can rest assured your data is in good hands. If an accident or error does occur, you won’t lose all the work you’ve done and start over. You also don’t need to rebuild your site or miss out on sales opportunities while the site is down.

    We can also give you a dedicated IP that no other user on the server has. This way, the actions of other webmasters won’t trigger an IP blacklist.

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DIY solutions are great if you want to build an amater website. For your business though you need to trust the professionals to help you with everything you need. Hosting is and domain registration is just the first step. You need a complete solution to build a website that will actually benefit your company. We can help you with your complete digital marketing plan. See what others have to say and check out our portfolio 
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