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Https stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure and offers secure interchange of data between the visitors browser and your website. SSL Security certificate adds this kind of protection to your website ( SSL Website )


We highly recommend to switch your site from http  to https.


We  consider this  important for our clients and we want them to pay attention in securing their website. We therefore decided to offer “SSL Let’s Encrypt SSL”  along with dedicated IP at the price of 70 Euro + VAT / year.  To further encourage our customers towards this the installation cost of the service ( 50 Euro + VAT ) is offered free of charge for January and February 2017.  The procedure will take average 1 week and a priority list will be kept based on the date you apply. 

SSL Website | SSL Security

Below you can learn more about the importance of an SSL Website.

Unlike http, which is inherently not secure but allows anyone with basic computer networking knowledge to see what data is being transferred between the browser and the website, https ( SSL Security )  encrypts all data and provides a highly secure pathway for your valuable customer data. 

SSL Security ( Secure Sockets Layer ) advertises authenticity since all visitors to your website can rest assured that they are connected securely as indicated by the green lock on the address bar of your website.

ssl website security


Website SSL Certificate Favoured by Google

Finally you should also care about having an SSL Website  since Google considers it aranking factor ( among many others of course ). This is expected to become even more important, even essential in future releases of their algorithm.  See relevant Google announcement . In brief it is explained that for Google it is very important that websites found from google search engine are secure and safe. An example of this is the recent tactic that Google follows if a site is contaminaated by malware or is being hacked in any way. In that case robots can detect this and display a strong warning message about the site preventing the user from visiting the website. Though SSL does not offer safety over hacker attacks ( other tools are recommeded for this purpose ) on the platform or applications of your website  it is a sign for visitors that the information they interchange with the website is secure since it is encrypted.




It is therefore aparent that SSL security for your website is becoming more and more important especially for eshops where the shopper needs to be sure he can trust your website with his personal data. Please contact us for any clarifications you require about implementing SSL Securtiy for your website.