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Outsource our bespoke solutions and advanced digital marketing strategies and you can transform your business by making it more efficient and productive in the online world.


Outsource Internet marketing

with confidence!


What services can be outsourced by JCSL Ltd?


Website Design

Development Or maintenance of your existing CRM


Search Engine Optimisation that actually works.

Google Adwords(PPC)

Google Adwords Certified! Max Conversions with Min Cost.

E-Shop Design

Development Or maintenance of your existing E-Shop

Social media marketing

Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest ...


Internet Marketing consultancy. Reports that drive your business!



We take your Business very Personal !


Personal means Personal ! We believe in face to face communication especially when it comes to developing the Marketing strategy for your business. All the initial steps of  the Marketing Strategy Process :

  • Undersanding the Customer
  • Analysing SWOT ( Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats )
  • Investigating the customer Market Competition

need to be investigated and discussed thouroughly with the customer. Also the final step of Reviewing and Revising the Internet Marketing Strategy implemented needs to be communicated with the customer face to face.

If you are a business based in Cyprus then meetings will be planned at your premisses or ours to proceed with a detail study of your Internet Marketing Strategy. If however you are located elsewhere we are prepared to travel to your premisses to get your feedback first hand for all steps of the Marketing Strategy Process. 

Outsourcing with us means that you get internet marketing consultancy along with dedicated support from a  professional with an excellent track record in the field of internet Marketing. That way we ensure that you can have direct communication and immediate support. While working for your business you can consider us to be your very own employee. 


Meet your Internet Marketing Consultant



  • MSc/ DIC Imperial College London
  • BEng (Hon.) The University of Manchester
  • Level 4 Financial Accounting IAS ( Credit )
  • High School Diploma 19.1 out of 20
  • Google Adwords Certification
  • Certified Genesys Engineer ( Call Centre)
  • Fluent English and Greek Speaking/Writing 


  • Internet Marketing & SEO Professional @  JCSL Ltd  - 4 years
  • Assistant Group Internal Audit Manager @ Bank of Cyprus - 2 years
  • Quality Assurance Specialist @ Cyprus Popular Bank - 2 years
  • Assistant Branch Manager @ Cyprus Popular Bank - 7 years
  • Communications Analyst @ Bank of Cyprus - 4 years
  • Part Time Lecturer @ University of Nicosia Cyprus - 6 years
  • IT Specialist @ Coopers & Lybrand Consulting - 1 year
  • Service Manger @ Alambra Telecom - 1 year

   Importance of Internet Marketing !

Digital trends move at the speed of light and by now even the most traditionalist business owners are aware that no growth can be expected without a solid, long term Internet marketing strategy. Customers have also changed the way they look for brands, so they expect to use the Internet as a way of interacting with companies. However, once you understand why Internet marketing is essential, you should also keep in mind that how you deal with this process is just as important.

In this regard there are two schools of thought: first, there are those who say that digital marketing should all be done in-house and second there are those who advocate for Internet marketing outsourcing. The latter is definitely gaining ground.

While nowadays the most commonly used digital marketing channel is by far the Internet ( Internet Marketing )other channels include mobile sms marketing, digital television, email marketing, mobile applications, eshop design e.t.c.

We at JCSL Ltd believe that we can offer you a combination of the above by practices that will allow you to feel that your work is done in-house when actually is being outsourced. 


  Why Outsource Internet marketing?

Reduced costs are the primary reason why you should outsource online marketing. If you do not outsource, you will have to hire people to create a new department, but the recruitment process can be tremendously expensive.

Maintaining the newly founded department can also prove to be a challenge, especially for small companies. But, if you outsource digital marketing, you pay only for the services you want, when you need them. You also don’t have to invest in training or equipment.

Marketing outsourcing companies already have all the resources and can help you develop a sustainable strategy so that you do not have to invest in personnel.

  Online Promotion Practices

Internet marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses all the practices a company uses for online promotion. When you outsource with us your Internet marketing, we take care of all the processes. 

  • Website Design, Development & maintenance
  • E-Shop Design, Development & maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social media marketing
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Internet Marketing consultant servives
  • And much more!

  Measurable results

With the advancement of technology different digital Marketing channels offer advanced solutions to advertise and at the same time measure results in real time something very difficult to do with the traditional marketing techniques. Advanced digital marketing statistics can give business owners very detailed view on where and how they have spent their money. This in depth analysis can include what products are being viewed and for how long, sale conversions, detailed podential customer statistics e.t.c.

  Why choose JCSL Ltd?

When you outsource, both price and quality should be of equal concern, but fortunately JCSL Ltd is a business located in Cyprus, Nicosia that can offer both. At JCS Ltd, we offer an unbeatable price/quality ratio and if you want to outsource Internet marketing, you will receive 5 star services at a fraction of the cost.

We possess the infrastructure and technology to support our clients in growing their online presence and building sustainable digital marketing strategies across multiple channels. We are a Cyprus-based company with substantial work experience in Internet marketing outsourcing, and we are able to provide cutting edge solutions at affordable rates.

Please call us on +357-22-23 24 82  for an appointment to discuss your internet marketing business needs. We believe we have much to offer for your business and a meeting with us will help you appreciate that.