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Cyprus Web Hosting by JCSL Ltd

Though we consider the choice of web hosting and domain registration a relatively trivial task we offer to relieve you of even this, thus allowing you to focus on more important issues of your business. Some clarifications and instructions below may help you carry this task by your own if you so wish.

Domain Registration

On the internet a website has to be identified uniquely using a domain name (like a street address and Number for a house). Though domain registration is considered a simple task, careful choice of the name based on Keywords is very important in terms of search engine optimization. The actual disc space required to setup your website must be hired by a web hosting company by allocating you an account on one of its computers. The domain name must then be associated with your hosting account and the name servers (two in general) must be updated to tell the internet which company is hosting your website. Note that the name servers by default point for your domain name at the domain registrar servers (the domain parking page).

Cyprus Web Hosting | Making the right Choice

When it comes to choosing the actual web hosting package you will be given the opportunity to either buy Linux or Windows hosting. The first is usually preferred as it is cheaper whereas windows hosting is needed for special web applications. Also note that there are different hosting requirements between static or dynamic websites. Finally special care must be given to the ability of the hosting company to provide good and fast customer support without which setting up your web hosting environment can become a very cumbersome and disappointing experience.

Web Hosting

Website Design

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Website SEO | SEM

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