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PPC (also called cost per click) is the most common way to promote websites on the internet, where advertisers pay advertising on search engines, social media channels and other websites depending on how often  their advertisements are displayed or how often someone makes click on them.

PPC Adveristing providers for website promotion

The most popular PPC Advertising providers are Google ads, Favebook ads and Yahoo Search Marketing. Internet Marketing promotion with PPC Advertising is considered an integral part of the online marketing and search engine optimization strategy of businesses nowadays. In Cyprus company's often use  Google ads and Facebook ads.

Google Ads | Facebook Ads - Objective

By promoting a busines website through Google ads or Facebook ads  we can offer our customers the option to define their specific target audience . This is done with dynamic filters on location (e.g Cyprus and Greece), the different keywords used in search engines, the specific budget of the company e.t.c. The service allows for online marketing campaigns based on the requirements of your business at low cost and based on your budget. This method of advertising Promises immediate results helping you increase your sales and your customer base.


jcsl big bullet straightWe will call you to examine your specific requirements.

jcsl big bullet straightWe will prepare the best offer for you company based on your specifications.

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