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Graphic design has to do with the design and creative part of the website or the creation of your logo, colours and writing style. Combined with branding, your own unique corporate identity and unique image of your company or business is set up. Proper advertising, targeted communication with customers, along with the proper branding, give your business an overwhelming advantage, making it stand out from other businesses of its kind.
JCSL Ltd Graphic Design Cyprus & digital marketing Cyprus agency is always by your side and has created various packages for you so that you can choose the one that best suits your business style and the products or services you want to promote.

Logo Design | Corporate identity

Logo Design | Corporate identity Designing an original logo is the first step in developing your company. In JCSL Ltd Graphic Design Cyprus agency we design the logo you want by proposing unique ideas and colour combinations, giving you the choice of various designs, which we will create especially for you. The printing of the logo on custom-made letterheads and envelopes contribute to your company's corporate promotion, while adding a more professional approach even in the simplest processes, such as sending a letter.

Create a poster

Creating a poster is an advertising tool for your company. Large posters are visible even from a far distance and help promote your business, literally in every single spot where they are placed. They are a traditional but a guaranteed means of successful advertising.

Designing a business card

The business card is the second step and is the basis for the company's successful course. It is your mobile "showcase" and the reflection of the products or services your company has to offer. By handing it to people you meet, there has to be a positive impression at the first glance, and this is where we come in to make this happen.

Leaflets / Brochures

Your company's leaflets / brochures inform your potential customers about the services and products your company offers. A short, comprehensive and properly designed brochure adds value to your business and goes a long way.


€400 Unlimited Reviews
  • Unique Logo Design ( €250)
  • Business Card Design (75 €)
  • Logo design on letter and envelope ( 75 €)

Website Graphic Design

€350 Unlimited Reviews
  • Website Draft Design ( 5 pages ) before development ( €350)
  • Additional Cost per page ( 30€ )

Corporate Leaflets

€120 Unlimited Reviews
  • Design of two-leaf corporate brochures ( €120)
  • Additional cost per page (30 €)

Banners - Brochure

€420 Unlimited Reviews
  • Large poster design- Billboard Design (120€)
  • Brochure 8 pages ( 300 ευρώ )

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