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Ehsop Design by JCSL Ltd
Best Eshop Design tactics

Eshop design with Visual Hierarchy

Fitt’s Law states that people are attracted closer to the object which is bigger and closer to them. So visual weight becomes important into our E-Shop design. Some studies showed great increase in E-shop sales by just relocating the ADD to Cart button, or changing its colour and size or design compared with the rest of the page. If phone calls are the prime factor that your business makes customers then your business phone number has to have a prominent position on your website in your Eshop design. In our Eshop design we give emphasis on elements that are more important than others driving visitors to the desired actions and ultimately to buying your products.

Eshop Development with emphasis on Presentation of your Products

We advice our customers to present their product categories, offers, new arrivals, hot products in order to gain the attention of visitors and make them want to know more.

Emphasis on product descriptions

In many products where product specifications matter studies show that 20% of Eshop visitor’s time is spent on images while 80% is spent on reading text ( i.e being a computer or a phone) . On the other hand buying a dress or a shirt is strongly visual and customers would be much interested in having a zoom in the product they are interested about. Having said that shirts and dresses can not be touched online so you need to give this feeling to your customer by a text description and quality images. So we advice our customers to give emphasis on their product descriptions especially where the customers looks after of what your product is capable of delivering rather than how it looks.

We Emphasise gaining Trust of your E-Shop visitors

You expect visitors to turn into buyers so in order for someone to reach to his wallet and buy from you he has to TRUST YOU. This is something that big brands in your niche do not have to struggle with. Their name is enough to retain brand recognition and trustworthiness. So in order to compete in a fast growing and aggressive E-commerce emphasis must be given to security. So one needs to make sure that customer information is secured, the checkout method is kept simple and clear to the shopper. Clear and fair shipping and return policy, Warranties, ensure good and easy pre-sale support e.t.c. Trust marks such as SSL secure, TRUSTe, Geo Trust, McAfee are also an efficient way to gain the Trust of your website visitors. Just make sure what you advertise is true since otherwise you will loose trust altogether. Social proof is also nowadays a mark of trustworthiness for websites - A website with large number of fans appears to users as trustworthy though at times this can be misleading. Customer testimonials can also play an important role here especially if these come from reputable individuals.

Use special Offers

Nothing draws attention better than offers and that is what almost all of the visitors look after when they visit an E-Shop! Well presented sales create an enthusiasm to visitors making them want to buy. Free Shipping, gift coupons, competitions, coming soon promotions are not but a few of the things you can include in your Eshop to make people love it. Make sure these banners are strategically placed on your Home Page or Landing Page of your Eshop in order to draw visitors attention.

Consider Why others should buy from you

It is important to give a strong point up on head front about why should others buy from you either by some text or buy messages delivered to the customers by your design presentation. There are a number of other stores out there doing the same job as you are and which can even bit your prices. What makes you different so that others may want to prefer you than them? Make your point stating what you promise to deliver that makes you excel from other competitors.Consider as an example our business JCSL Ltd that delivers web design and internet marketing services. We promise to deliver to our customers : "Unique solution based on your business needs “, “ Use the latest proven technology has to offer”, “ Customer satisfaction is our top priority” e.t.c

Expand your business !
By creating an e-shop you gain huge potential for expanding your business client base for both local and international markets and allow for ways to automate your services and sales in a cost-effective way. A small company with a good e-commerce website can compete efficiently online with the big brands. JCSL Ltd offers eshop design and digital marketing Cyprus services to help you create an Online eshop. We can also help you with your eshop promotion, enabling you to sell your products/services online (e commerce) both on local (i.e Greece or Cyprus) and global market (Europe, Asia and rest of the world).


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What People Say
Listen to what people say about JCSL Ltd

From JCSL Ltd guidance and the search engine optimisation we gained new customers and more popularity in our section as we are in the top of many keywords and phrases in the google search engine results.I would thoroughly recommend JCSL.

John Lyristakis
CPA CGMA Consultants

JCSL Ltd understood our needs and provided solutions and suggestions to attract visitors to our website. Their friendliness and kindness are exceptional.I would thoroughly recommend J.C.S.L Ltd.

Marianna Sclavou
Sclavos Ltd

Throughout the whole process JCSL Ltd has been offering constant monitoring, support, and great recommendations for further development.I will thoroughly recommend JCSL Ltd .

Alexander Maliarellis
ΑΖWellness Solutions

We got very positive feedback from parents and students about our new website and our web presence is continuously improved and upgraded. We highly recommend JCSL Ltd to anyone interested knowing that the quality of the work delivered is excellent.

Ioanna Pettemeridou
Why create an Eshop
Eshop design benefits

Mass Reach

The internet market has worldwide nature. Services and goods can be advertised and sold to potential customers thousands of miles away addressing multilingual and multicultural audience.

24Hour service

An e-shop is not bound of any time or holiday constraints but offers 24 hour services making it more convenient for customers to visit your online store.


Affordable and cost effective:The initial cost to set up an online store ( e-shop) is negligible compared to the cost of building an actual store.


Advertising can be inherent to an online shop as part of a good SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy and is offered inexpensively and in a much more efficient way than traditional marketing services.

Product Display

Products can be properly categorized and efficiently displayed on an e-shop. Pictures and videos can offer visitors hands on experience which can further be enhanced with customer ratings, reviews and online manuals.


Buying and selling your products through the internet has never being easier! An ecommerce website can help your company reach markets worldwide offering tremendous possibilities and benefits.

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