Image Alt Text

Each image in your website can be referenced by an Alt text description that gives your site visitors a text description of the image when the hover their mouse over it. This may not look very helpful at first unless the user is visually impaired but a closer examination on how search engines find information online will help you understand its importance. Search engines (Googles crawlers) cannot read images but image titles and descriptions.

Google Sitemaps | XML Sitemaps

Google sitemaps – XML site maps

Google Sitemaps give crawlers and users a map type representation (visualize overall site contents) of a website. This allows efficient and quick crawling of a website by search engines avoiding the delay incurred for spiders and crawlers to actually see your website.

Business Directories Greece | Cyprus

Find below a list of Google page rank 6,5,4 business directories for Greece and Cyprus. Free directory submission for Greek and Cyprus sites.