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By creating an e-shop you gain huge potential for expanding your business client base for both local and international markets and allow for ways to automate your services and sales in a cost-effective way.


Create an Eshop | Don't miss out

The trend for all businesses nowadays

Most of the businesses nowadays create a site on the internet and few of them can live or run efficiently without their web presence. Internet searches on Google alone for 2011 were on average 4,717,000,000 / day ( a number constantly increasing). This shows a rapid increasing trend that urges businesses to design a website. With a quick look at internet statistics for 2012 one can easily conclude that web presence and internet services are imperative to establish a business in our modern day world.


Buying and selling your products through the internet has never being easier! An ecommerce website can help your company reach markets worldwide offering tremendous possibilities and benefits over traditional ways of business commerce such us:

  • Mass Reach:The internet market has worldwide nature. Services and goods can be advertised and sold to potential customers thousands of miles away addressing multilingual and multicultural audience.

  • 24Hour service:An e-shop is not bound of any time or holiday constraints but offers 24 hour services making it more convenient for customers to visit your online store.

  • Affordable and cost effective:The initial cost to set up an online store ( e-shop) is negligible compared to the cost of building an actual store. Its maintenance is negligible (hosting and domain name registration) and can easily be modified and adjusted to cover your strategic business goals as these develop and expand.

  • Advertising can be inherent to an online shop as part of a good SEO (search engine optimization) strategy and is offered inexpensively and in a much more efficient way than traditional marketing services. Having said that SEO can be quite complicated to do and involves a study of the page title, headings, urls, keyword research, optimization and density, meta tags, meta descriptions, website structure, link building, code and image optimization, content recommendations, back links, ppc marketing, link-exchange programs, directory submissions and  Web Analytics . The ultimate goal is not just to increase the number of visitors for your site but through careful planning and control to target on visitors that are searching and are actually interested for your products. Proper SEO should make potential customers reach your site before anyone else!

  • Efficient product display and categorization.  Products can be properly categorized on an e-shop while pictures and videos offer visitors hands on experience which can further be enhanced with customer ratings, reviews and online manuals.

Eshop Designers | JCSL Ltd

If you are still thinking about investing or want to create an e-shop for your business read about our eshop development services and put your thinking to action knowing that this can give you great competitive advantage over your competitors.