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Google company | Google ads

The Google company was founded in 1998 from two fellow students of Stanford university Larry Page and Sergey Brin with mission to effectively organise the worldwide world of information ( WWW ) providing free access and rendering it useful to all. The informal slogan of Google “don't be evil”  indicates the intention of the company to make profits by selling Internet services using white hat practices (that is to say with morally professional and ethical ways).


The Google company initially gained ground as an important search engine in the internet ( Google search ) and then developed to become the bigger colossus in internet  services. Google search, Google email, Google translation, Google maps, Google explorer Chrome are only few of the most famous internet services offered by Google. The Google company today beyond the internet services that provides is one of the leading protagonists in the creation and development of the mobile operating system Android and has created the well-known mobile appliances Nexus.

Google ads | AdWords |Adsense

Google ads are the main income of the company. Google has evolved internet artificial intelligent programs  in position to analyse the interests and preferences of sightseers so that their Google ads can specifically aim at persons that are really interested for the products/services  advertised. Google AdWords gives the possibility for Google customers to  advertise their products in search engine results pages ( SERP ) and Google customer webpages that participate in the Google AdSense. Thus the service Google AdSense gives the possibility to webmasters to place Google ads ( initiated from Google AdWords customers ) in their web page and to be paid each time these are selected by the sightseers (pay per click).