New Generation Books

  • Being able to carry your whole book library wherever you go and doing that without any need of storage space or bookshelves? You would then be able to read everywhere ( on the bus, train airplane, standing in line e.t.c).
  • Being able to adjust the font type or size of the book you are reading to suit your mood or needs? How nice it would be to highlight and take notes within the book without actually destroying it and being able to search its text to find something you want instantly.
  • Reading books in an environmental friendly manner ( no trees are required to manufacture paper)
  • Having books not only contain pictures but videos and web links?

You don’t need to imagine anymore! This technology has been on planet earth for some decades now and is available to billions of internet users. It its called an electronic book or ebook. The question then should be why not use ebooks and not why use ebooks.
Electronic books ( Ebooks) are changing the way we read and take notes.
People nowadays can read ebooks:

E books are also available on devices called ebook readers specially designed to give readers the best experience while reading e books.

Ohhh I forgot.... you can also read your e books without any software or device . If you have access on the Internet you can read and take notes on cloud readers offered by various electronic bookstores.

Next on our blog we will be introduced into the wonderful world of ebooks and ebook readers  and maybe you will start thinking of changing the way you read books.