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Cyprus Website Design | Cyprus web designers

JCSL Ltd specializes in web design, digital marketing services mainly in Cyprus and Greece. Professional web design services that take into account responsive design, search engine optimization, social media marketing , CMS platforms, website hosting, etc. At JCS Ltd, we offer an unbeatable price/quality ratio and if you want to outsource Internet marketing, you will receive 5 star services at a fraction of the cost. See more about our internet marketing agency profile.

In today’s globalized world where the Internet and its benefits are gaining ground, it is necessary for every business wishing to promote its products or services to have a strong presence on the Internet. A quality website containing the right information, the proper design and the suitable promotion will help expand your business. J.C.S.L. Ltd is here to provide quality services and help present your business worldwide. 




Our  services work together to offer you the optimum result which will have a positive effect on your business by gaining new clients in Cyprus, Greece and worldwide. For more information, feel free to browse through our website and contact us at anytime. We are here to serve your special needs and requirements for your business.


Website design and Development

Websites nowadays are the online showcase of a business or an organization. Our experience in web designing, the know-how and the creativity along with respect of our client requirements help us deliver the result that will suit your needs: A UNIQUE WEBSITE !

Do you want the ultimate viewing experience for your website? Do you want minimum scrolling, resizing and panning when your website is viewed from different devices ( i.e tablets, mobile phones, desktop or laptops)? Then you should be looking for a web design that is Responsive. 

In this video you may see a Responsive design in action for one of our web design projects. Watch how the website responds to lower resolution screens ( i.e window resizing). Everything is dynamically resized to fit the screen so that optimum viewing experience is offered to the website visitor.

Internet marketing

What makes your business stand out and how are you going to market it?

Trust our knowledge on internet marketing and its benefits and let us help you expand your business. Move pass the borders of your country by attracting customers from abroad aiming at a global market. Internet marketing can help your business attract more customers at a very low cost compared to traditional marketing.

Marketing is much like cooking

  • Define your target clients ( Choose the ingredients for the recipe)
  • Find ways to draw their attention ( Right Mix of the ingredients ( right quantity, right conditions, right timing )
  • Give interested clients a taste of what they are looking for ( Make sure your meal tastes good)
  • Trigger communication with prospective clients and follow up to close a deal ( Present and serve your meal )

Outsourcing (ανάθεση εργασιών)

One of the success factors of a business is making the right choice in terms outsourcing professional services.

By doing this, precious time is saved allowing to focus on improving your products and services. Trust us to promote your business by saving resources from traditional ways of advertising. We have the necessary knowledge and the proper tools to help you solve possible problems and to provide solutions.

E-shop design:

Help your clients navigate quickly and effectively through your website to learn more about and eventually buy your products and services by creating an e-shop.

Save money compared to the traditional way of presenting ( showcase ) your products by giving your clients easy access to your services 24/7. We are here to give you advice on presenting and advertising your products more effectively. Learn more about eshop design services offered by JCSL Ltd. 

Google AdWords

Through the development of technology and the increasing trend of online shopping, there is a need to invest in Google AdWords (advertisements at top search engine results) thereby attracting new visitors to your website.

We are here to inform you about all the benefits of Google AdWords and help you apply this new way of advertisement with the aim of gaining new clients and presenting your products and services to a wider audience.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

With the ever increasing competition in the field of online sales, we are here to help you remain within the first results of search engines for keywords relevant to your niche. 

JCSL Ltd is a Cyprus SEO agency that will help you achieve a more competitive position in the online world.

Graphic design

The electronic era we live in has created, more than ever before, the need for modern companies to be able to communicate with the public quickly and efficiently. Graphic Design nowadays faces great competition, since it is easy and cost-effective to create a wealth of graphic design to help them bring out their products and services. The graphic design services offered by JCSL Ltd can help your business in the following areas:

1. Effectively communicate the message you want to convey to your target audience

2. Boost your company's sales by highlighting your products and services

3. Improve the readability of the information you want to convey to others

Learn more about Graphic Design Services  | Graphic Design by JCSL Ltd




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